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I never considered myself a writer, but I am following God as I write to and for you. I hope and pray your marriage will be blessed!

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Did God Really Speak To Me This Morning?

My early morning devotion took me to Deuteronomy where God commands me to show kindness to those in need. My response is “OK God, I can do that today”. I leave the house, go to the dentist, and smile as I speak kind words to everyone in the office. I leave there and come home. My husband is there.

He had taken all 3 kids to school this morning so I could make the appointment. Afterwards he planned to take my mini van through inspection and finally go to work. He greeted me with a kiss and a smile. I sighed back.

I walked around doing my normal morning chores. I made the bed, emptied the dishwasher, made breakfast, and put some clothes ways. I thought about how much I do all day and began to feel unappreciated by my husband. He had not done or said anything, it just came over me. Ever had that happen to you?

Now I am in a bad mood and a bit annoyed with my husband for no apparent reason. He prepares to leave and wishes me a good day. I say thanks and let him leave the house with no smile, no kiss, and not much affection. Can you say NO KINDNESS!

Since I forgot God’s word to me earlier, He was king enough to speak again. I sat down to the computer and read an online devotional. It took me to the book of James. Be slow to wrath or anger. The writer says that the enemy wants to tempt me to be easily offended. When that happens I am to practice mercy and forgiveness. I hear kindness….Is that a summary of my morning or what?

God really has spoken to me this morning. I am going to respond by treating my husband with kindness today. I am going to confess my anger as sin and ask God to help me release mercy today. I love my husband and I love my God. Because, even when I am offended enough to be mad for no reason… they still speak to me in the morning.


I pray you show extra kindness to your husband today.

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