Hello and Welcome to My Blog!

This is where I begin my journey with you, Christian wives everywhere. As I seek the Lord for grace to share testimonies and words of encouragement about marriage, it is my hope that you will: be strengthened to live with your husbands in peace, be encouraged to live according to biblical principals
be grateful for the gift of marriage and...be open to sharing comments here with other wives

I never considered myself a writer, but I am following God as I write to and for you. I hope and pray your marriage will be blessed!

In His Service,


Marriage Is A Journey

Marriage is a journey.  What have you packed for the trip?

When I plan for a trip. I pack more than enough stuff "just in case" I need it.  When I realized that my marriage was a long journey that I would travel until I die... I started to pack.  These are some of the things I have for the journey.

  • A pack a patience. One for each day
  • A lot of smiles and laughs.  I can never have too many of those.
  • Food for my soul. My Bible, journal, and sermon notes are carry on items.  
  • I keep gratitude on hand. I never know when I will need it.
  • Cute lingerie is a must. My husband makes sure I keep that around (chuckle, laugh, smile) 
and love... I let God fill my bag.  He has it overflowing and makes sure nothing is too heavy for me to carry.  

These are just a few of the things I keep in my marriage suitcase. 
What about you?
What do you bring along for your journey with your husband?



Did God Really Speak To Me This Morning?

My early morning devotion took me to Deuteronomy where God commands me to show kindness to those in need. My response is “OK God, I can do that today”. I leave the house, go to the dentist, and smile as I speak kind words to everyone in the office. I leave there and come home. My husband is there.

He had taken all 3 kids to school this morning so I could make the appointment. Afterwards he planned to take my mini van through inspection and finally go to work. He greeted me with a kiss and a smile. I sighed back.

I walked around doing my normal morning chores. I made the bed, emptied the dishwasher, made breakfast, and put some clothes ways. I thought about how much I do all day and began to feel unappreciated by my husband. He had not done or said anything, it just came over me. Ever had that happen to you?

Now I am in a bad mood and a bit annoyed with my husband for no apparent reason. He prepares to leave and wishes me a good day. I say thanks and let him leave the house with no smile, no kiss, and not much affection. Can you say NO KINDNESS!

Since I forgot God’s word to me earlier, He was king enough to speak again. I sat down to the computer and read an online devotional. It took me to the book of James. Be slow to wrath or anger. The writer says that the enemy wants to tempt me to be easily offended. When that happens I am to practice mercy and forgiveness. I hear kindness….Is that a summary of my morning or what?

God really has spoken to me this morning. I am going to respond by treating my husband with kindness today. I am going to confess my anger as sin and ask God to help me release mercy today. I love my husband and I love my God. Because, even when I am offended enough to be mad for no reason… they still speak to me in the morning.


I pray you show extra kindness to your husband today.


Is It Your Husband?

I feel compelled to ask…. Is it your husband?

Is it your husband…

Who will work on the oil spill or prosecute the car bomber from Times Square?
Is it your husband running for election or seeking a job promotion?
Is your husband working overtime or looking for a job?
Will he treat patients in the Emergency Room or fight a local fire?
Is it your husband who will take off from work to care for aging parents or sick children?

Is it your husband who is hurting or feeling disrespected?
Is it your husband who woke up wanting to leave home and never return?
Is it your husband who is struggling to hold on to his faith?
Is it your husband looking to his helper for strength and loyalty?

Someone’s husband is doing all of these things and more. Is it yours?

Today, I challenge you to pray for husbands. Include the men of God ordained to head households and have dominion over the earth.

  1. On this national day of prayer, ask your self is it my husband?
  2. Then offer his name to the heavens first.
  3. Next, offer prayers for our leaders!
Today take a moment to pray for a husband you know….



“Wives On Purpose” is praying on tomorrow 5/6/10. On the National Day of Prayer http://www.nationaldayofprayer.org/ we will be standing in the gap for marriage. At 5:00 a.m. many faithful wives will get on a conference call to pray for those who are weak.  Our prayers will include not only our marriages but also the marriages of community leaders, Church leaders , and our Country's leaders.     

If you would like to join us please email wivesonpurpose@yahoo.com. Type “national day of prayer” in the subject line. You will be sent the details. Thank you for using the weapons of prayer and praise to impact marriage. 

Follow Your Heart…

In times of marriage hardship, wives often suffer from broken hearts. Let’s face it many tears, lots of frustration, deep sadness and growing bitterness may result from hurt feelings that lead to broken hearts. Every day trials and conflict make living with our husbands painful at best. Making plans to live without him breeds anxiety and uncertainty often at simultaneously. What a crazy way to live. Why? Could it be that we are following our hearts?

In the depths of marriage despair, I had to consider Jeremiah 17: 9-10. The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it? Now I must wonder, if I would follow a girlfriend that was deceitful and desperately wicked?

I the Lord, search the heart, I test the mind. Could it be that my troubles are a result of God searching my heart and testing my mind? Maybe I have overlooked God’s involvement and given his glory over to the heartache telling me that the enemy is attacking my marriage. Did I forget the deal was for better and for worse?

Even to give every man according to his ways, According to the fruit of his doings. This is HUGE! What if I am being given life circumstances according to my ways? What has been my way? Have been a wife according to my way or God’s way? What is the fruit of my doings? Have I spent time seeking God for his response to these feelings of heartache?

Even in the midst of our greatest problems with our husbands I have good news! We can Stop following our hearts and begin to follow our minds.

  • Our mind chooses to believe God hates divorce (Malachi 2:16). He is for our marriage success.
  • Our mind reminds us that we are the wife by covenant (Malachi 2:14b).
  • Our mind honors our commitment to our husbands and over powers our emotions.
We can get through the worse times because the strength of Jesus is made perfect in our weakness. Are you weak in your marriage today? Choose to follow God’s truth. Stop following you heart. Instead, lead your heart to follow God. You have victory in HIM.



Prayer for the National Day of Prayer

Special Prayer For The National Day of Prayer - May 6, 2010

We have purposed in our hearts to pray for those who lead us.  The "Wives On Pupose" will be praying for our husbands who lead our families on May 6, 2010.  Please prepare you hearts to join us and pray for our nation'a leaders as the day approaches.  The following text is reason for us to continue to seek God on the issue of corporate prayer. 

visit: http://www.nationaldayofprayer.org/  for more information

Judge Rules National Day of Prayer Unconstitutional

On April 15, 2010, United States District Court Judge Barbara Crabb, for the Western District of Wisconsin, struck down the National Day of Prayer statute, as violating the Establishment Clause. Judge Crabb ruled that the statute serves no secular purpose, but rather calls the nation to engage in a religious exercise - prayer.

The National Day of Prayer belongs to Americans. It is a tradition that dates back to 1775 and it is not for a Judge to take away. We the people called for the day of prayer and for 59 years we have practiced our freedom to gather and pray.

"Please remain in prayer with us about this critical matter. We know God is in control. And, whatever lies ahead, we are committed to stirring the hearts of Americans to prayer and to preserving the National Day of Prayer as a vital expression of our nation's cherished religious liberties."

-- Mrs. James C. Dobson (Shirley)
Chairman, NDP Task Force

Presented By ~ The Presidential Prayer Team™



When The Wives Pray


What is the National Day of Prayer?

The National Day of Prayer was established as an annual event in 1952 by a joint resolution of the United States Congress and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman. The observance of the National Day of Prayer is founded on the constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion and can be celebrated by all Americans.

The National Day of Prayer has its own Web site (http://www.nationaldayofprayer.org/) that offers information about how the day is observed across the United States.

When is the National Day of Prayer?

Thursday May 6, 2010

We Are Joining the National Call To Pray.

Wives are never shy about seeking heaven on behalf of our marriages. Each Monday night we get on the phone and pray! Now we are accepting the opportunity to join people all over the nation in prayer for MARRIAGE!

Wives On Purpose will be rising at 5:00 AM to stand in the gap for women in troubled marriages and those who are too hurt to pray for themselves!

We are lifting up the serious issues that cause stress, strain, and separation. We are standing against divorce and every other trial that causes death to God’s holy covenant of marriage between one man and one woman. We are using our weapons of prayer and our praise to seek victory through God’s resurrection power for marriages.

Won’t you join us in 3 weeks?

If you or a women you know is in need of prayer. Make the call on May 6th.

I'll be praying for you and with you.


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


I promised a few more peeks at our celebration and our ministry.  Here they are.
Happy Anniversary to all of the “Wives On Purpose” past, present, and future!
God has touched  our hearts and our lives.
Because of him, we can stay married til death to us part.

Enjoy our story!

Log on to www.youtube.com/tonytusmc



From Our 5th Anniversary Celebration

In honor of this year's theme, my dear friend and member of the Wives On Purpose Support Group wrote this poem for our celebration.  I hope it blesses you and your marriage.


By Vanetta Tate © 3/12/10

Love is not the feeling that one gets in a new relationship

Where you can’t hear the words for looking at their lips

It’s not time standing still waiting for the phone to ring

Or the candy, flowers, or just because gifts that you bring

The kind words, your gentle touch, and romantic dinners

Are all nice, but are really just temporary joy lenders

The walks in the park, a new bottle of perfume

When it is all over, real life will resume

Oh, all of it is wonderful and great

But keep on living, just you wait

In the beginning neither could do any wrong

As life progresses we start singing a different song

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE,… Sent from above

The kind that comes in the marriage deal

Ordained by GOD and not how you feel

Love is hanging in there thru thick and thin

Saying I’m sorry, I forgive you, I love you again and again

Tolerating one another’s quirks

Not dishing, slinging, uncovering, or airing the dirt

Getting over differences and letting go of the hurt

Praying, communicating and keeping GOD first

Keeping you needs along side of mine

Both being mindful we’ll be just fine

Being totally committed to GOD and the cause

To complete the journey life with you without a pause

There is the true test that only time can tell

It endures all things LOVE NEVER FAILS!!

*Written exclusively for Wives On Purpose

I'll share more from our program as the week goes on.


5 years of Ministry

Apart from Him I can do nothing but I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength! This is the heart of my life especially today as I prepare to celebrate 5 years of ministering to married women, the “Wives On Purpose”.

We have met each month in small support groups to learn ways to practice biblical teaching in our marriages. We have prayed each Monday night for our marriages and those all over the world. We have gathered for Christmas breakfast and summer picnics. We have been purposeful in our role as wives and this evening we will dress up, eat, and rejoice in the Lord for he has made us a good thing!

Pray with me that all present will enjoy fellowship with our Lord, a good meal, and that the marriages themselves will be blessed beyond measure with grace, patience, and God’s unmerited favor.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me over the past 5 years and to those who will stand with me for God’s covenant in the future. I am excited to see what he has in store next!

I love you all with the love of Christ,



Be Strong and Be Encouraged- Our 5th Anniversay Is Coming!

Good Morning All,

As we draw near to our 5Th Anniversary celebration, many of us feel very little like shouting. It seems that husbands have hurt feelings, and children have been more needy. Time is running away from us at jury duty, doctors appointments, schedule conflicts, we have even lived through car accidents. Some have run into communication barriers with husbands and many just have one thing after another going wrong... I am writing to tell you Be Strong and Be Encouraged!

Don't think it strange as we face trials preparing to celebrate God's holy covenant of marriage. Rather take this time between now and Saturday to do the following:

Pick out a cute dress and refrain from asking your husband what he is wearing. He can choose his own clothes.

Pray for all of the marriages connected to Wives On Purpose. There are those coming to see God show up because they are considering divorce. There are some who are very off purpose and need to be close to those who are strong right now. Pray for all of us.

Praise God for all he has already done for us! I have seen him provide and move people in ways I couldn't have imagined. Rejoice with me and wait to see for yourself. For now just give him PRAISE!

Finally whatever is on your plate right now. be....
Patient. God has not overlooked your concern. Maybe he just wants you to stop looking at it long enough to enjoy Saturday....

I can't wait to see you all.
Watch for blessings this week!



A Little PEACE!

The past few months of my life have been like riding the fastest roller coaster in the biggest amusement park in the world. Unexpected and unusual events have propelled me forward taking sharp turns that felt like I was tipping over. My circumstances lead me slowly upward only to reach a top peak and fall head first downward. The pace has been fast and furious leaving my stomach nauseous and my head throbbing. Up, down, and around I go! Such has been my life since Thanksgiving. The ride continued through Christmas and into the New Year.

One morning I was thinking about my circumstances. I replayed some of the details of these events and wondered if I was going crazy. I didn’t feel crazy but, my parents had expressed concern for my well being. My closest friends had me placed me at the top of their prayer lists. My husband has just been looking at me with a helpless expression on his face. Maybe I am losing it and don’t even realize it.

“How are you doing Lisa, I asked myself?” (I ask myself a lot of questions).
Fine, I really am fine,” I replied. Then I began to wonder why.

I sat very still and then I heard the small voice. …and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:7). The light bulb had come on! I could see clearly. I was not crazy at all. I fine because I had the peace of God and it surpassed all of understanding!

How did I get such peace? I heard the voice again. “Peace” I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. (John 14:27). In the midst of messy circumstances, I had received a little peace. My heart was no longer troubled and I was no longer afraid. Peace had strengthened me. I was prepared to handle what was ahead.

Like everything Jesus offers, peace is not just for me. I began to remember watching other godly women as they faced trials covered in the peace of Christ. When a 50 year old wife buried her husband six months shy of her daughter’s high school graduation, she had peace. She lost her husband but, not her mind. I also saw a devoted wife of over 50 years care for her sick husband until he passed. At the home going service her sigh contained a mixture of sadness and relief as she spoke softly saying “my work here is finished”. She had peace. I had spent the last few months caring for some ideals that had died. I had to bury some other false hopes. I had lost some things, people, and direction. In the midst of it all, I was moving forward. I had peace.

My life is still on that fast roller coaster track. God is full control and I believe he has strapped me in tight and is taking me on the most exciting ride of my life. My heart is pounding with anticipation. My head is filling with hopes and dreams and my stomach is still a bit nauseous. I expect sharp curves. I anticipate uphill travel and it may take a long time to reach the top. I am certain that I will fall pretty fast and hard some times. BUT as long as I have the gift of PEACE, I can enjoy the ride!

How about you?


Enter 2010!

January 2010

Happy New Year!

I know we are 5 days into it now but, this is how I have entered 2010.

VERY SLOWLY… It seems God is doing some amazing things in me and in my life. Can I tell you that amazing doesn’t always feel good? Many of my current circumstances are difficult. I would not have chosen them.

BUT in 2010 I am striving to see God in new ways. That is my heart’s desire and my constant prayer. I want more of Him and to experience the hand of a Big God in my life. That leaves me here:

Slow to write to you on the blog
Slow to face the mundane tasks of my day
Entering 2010 with some pretty bad (oh sorry) amazing battles to fight

In the process I am also here:

Reading the Bible in One Year
Praying Like I have Never Prayed before
Seeing God be Provider (My husband’s pay is a limited resource)
Seeing God be Healer. (Some things come only by prayer and fasting)
Experiencing the blessings of immediate obedience.
Seeing a bigger picture of the Body of Christ. (Ministry really does happen on Twitter) and…

Loving the Lord more and more each day!
How have you entered 2010?
Where is God taking you?