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This is where I begin my journey with you, Christian wives everywhere. As I seek the Lord for grace to share testimonies and words of encouragement about marriage, it is my hope that you will: be strengthened to live with your husbands in peace, be encouraged to live according to biblical principals
be grateful for the gift of marriage and...be open to sharing comments here with other wives

I never considered myself a writer, but I am following God as I write to and for you. I hope and pray your marriage will be blessed!

In His Service,


5 years of Ministry

Apart from Him I can do nothing but I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength! This is the heart of my life especially today as I prepare to celebrate 5 years of ministering to married women, the “Wives On Purpose”.

We have met each month in small support groups to learn ways to practice biblical teaching in our marriages. We have prayed each Monday night for our marriages and those all over the world. We have gathered for Christmas breakfast and summer picnics. We have been purposeful in our role as wives and this evening we will dress up, eat, and rejoice in the Lord for he has made us a good thing!

Pray with me that all present will enjoy fellowship with our Lord, a good meal, and that the marriages themselves will be blessed beyond measure with grace, patience, and God’s unmerited favor.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me over the past 5 years and to those who will stand with me for God’s covenant in the future. I am excited to see what he has in store next!

I love you all with the love of Christ,


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