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This is where I begin my journey with you, Christian wives everywhere. As I seek the Lord for grace to share testimonies and words of encouragement about marriage, it is my hope that you will: be strengthened to live with your husbands in peace, be encouraged to live according to biblical principals
be grateful for the gift of marriage and...be open to sharing comments here with other wives

I never considered myself a writer, but I am following God as I write to and for you. I hope and pray your marriage will be blessed!

In His Service,


Just Say No!

Just Say No!

My phone rang. My girlfriend was on the other end. Her voice was weak as she said “Lisa, I have a prayer request”. As I inquired about the request she began to sob. Her husband had expressed a desire to give up on their marriage. She was hurt and did not know what to do….

I was not sure what to do either. I thought for a moment, asked a few questions, and then asked her if I could come over. She agreed. I hung up the phone, talked to my husband about leaving the house, and prayed that God would show up in this situation.

What was I going to do?

I remember that day. I felt the way she did. I heard the same words she had…. What did God do for me? A girlfriend came to my house and held me while I cried. That was my mission. Sometimes we just need a girlfriend to come hug us while we cry.

As I drove I prayed. Lord, soften her husband’s heart. It is in your hands (Proverbs 21:1). Turn it towards you and towards his wife. Comfort her. Give her peace and let them speak life and not death into their marriage from this point forward (Proverbs 18:21).

I parked and entered her home. It is warm and beautiful. The Lord was there. I spoke to her husband. He was cordial but did not want to visit with me. I was just thankful that he did not object to my coming.

As I spoke to her, we talked about Jesus. I reminded her that he loves her and how she must keep her eyes on him. In times of crisis she must read her Bible and believe God’s truth. She has to be determined to block out the lies from the enemy and remember that she has victory in Christ Jesus. We prayed and agreed that none of this was too hard for our God!

I drove back home and spent more time in prayer. Today I am just saying No!

No She is not a bad wife

No She did not marry the wrong man

No She cannot be strong all by herself

No She cannot pray all by herself

No God has not left her, nor is he punishing her

No She cannot give up or quit

In times of crisis, we must call on one another. I beg you to stand with me today against the enemy of marriage. I ask you to search your heart and pray for just one wife who is hurting. Go to the Lord on behalf of one wife who thinks she is a failure. Put your arm around one wife who looks like she needs a hug. Speak words of encouragement to just one wife in Jesus name.

I could not have made it to the other side without some of God’s women fighting for me. Let God use you to support another married woman. Get mad enough to fight for other wives who are in crisis. Use your weapons of prayer and praise to combat the enemy and his lies.

I beg you today to realize that we are God’s women and we live in our marriages… on purpose.

Join me today and seek God on behalf of the wives in crisis and let’s watch God move …..Together.



The Week End

Hello All,

I just want to let you know that I usually spend my week ends with my family (I am not online much).
That is the time when I cook for the week, deal with laundry, and just enjoy being at home.

I wonder what you do?

Now that Fall is here, I am moving summer clothes into storage and bringing out the winter ones.
Gone are the flip flops.. for now...

No matter what household task calls your name .... 

It is my hope that you can find time to relax and rest in God's presence. 

Enjoy your Week's End...



When Prayer Changes People

“Give my husband a new wife, and let it be me”. Stormie OMartian wrote this in her book the Power of a Praying Wife. I read it for the first time during my separation over nine years ago. What was she talking about? I could not imagine needing to change anything about myself and I was not going to pray for that. After all, he was the one who needed to change.

Today, I pray for change daily so that my husband gets the good thing God promised him in Proverbs 18:22. What happened to make me ask for change?

• I realized that God loves my husband just like he loves me. I often act like God loves me more.

• When he messes up, God forgives him just like he forgives me. I am often unforgiving.

• God respects my husband and has given him the responsibility of taking care of me. I often disrespect my husband by fighting for control over our family.

• God thinks highly of my husband and made him in His own image. I often don’t think much of him at all.

Instead of being a suitable helper I often act like the destroyer of his manhood. Then God showed me… ME. ...I was not perfect and both God and my husband know it.

Today I pray, “Give my husband a new wife, and let it be me”. I pray:

• Lord shut my mouth when my husband talks. I want to hear him clearly.

• Let him be satisfied with me, the wife of his youth

• Help me to remember and to do what he asks of me (the small things like paying a bill, making an appointment, or pick up something from the store).

• Give me a smile when I look at him.

• Let me accept his compliments graciously

• Help me to cook what he likes to eat more often

• Help me to sleep lighter so I notice when he comes to bed… so he can smile a lot more

• Help me to give fewer commands and opinions

These may seem like crazy prayer requests but, incorporating them into my everyday life is a challenge. I could not do it without praying for it every day. The results are a blessing. My marriage is changed because God constantly changes me.

When I measure myself against a Holy and perfect God, I fall short. I am a horrible wife and need to be made over but because of Jesus, I am a new creation. Old things have passed away, behold, all things have become new. (2 Corinthians 5:11).

Because of who He is… my husband has a new wife…. and Jesus let it be ME!!!!!



Sit Down And Eat

I was reading John 6: 1-15.  You know the story where Jesus feeds the Five Thousand?  I have read it many times before.  You may have too.  This time I reflected on how many times Jesus has performed this same miracle in my life.

I am not ashamed to admit that these are tough financial times.  Shopping for food can be a meal planning and budgeting  nightmare.  As I prepare for dinner, I often feel like Andrew (vs 8).  I look at the "five small barley loaves and two fish" in my pantry and ask... how far will they go among so many?

I often whisper this pitiful prayer to Jesus but one day I commented to a friend.  "Girl, I am not sure when I will get to the grocery store.  Money is tight but we need food".  She responded with something like "Wait on the Lord.  He will provide".

In the midst of such a casual conversation and a pitiful prayer, Jesus responded too.  He told me like he told the disciples "Sit down." (vs 10).  Can you imagime that sometimes I am running so much that I fail to sit down?  I believe Jesus tells us to sit down so we can see Him work.  In the passage, the men sat down and Jesus gave thanks for the food they had gotten from the boy.  After speaking with my friend, I spotted the makings for dinner.  I gave thanks too.  I was not sure when more food would come but I was grateful for what I had. 

Just like in the Bible while I was giving thanks.... it happened.  God the Father multiplied what I served and my family had enough to eat!  But that was not all...

A few days after my dinner, my sister-in-law called.  She said "We have a lot of food over here. Can you come and get it?" I shouted yes! We filled our freezer with meat and veggies.  Then my mother-in-law called.  She said " I am coming to town. Give me a list of food I can bring you from the wholesale place."  I began shouting to the Lord. 

The next day that same girlfriend came to my house.  She brought bags full of groceries, toiletries, and even MONEY! She had spoken to a few women at her Chuch about me.  God moved on their hearts and they gave to me.  They did not know me but they gave to me....I recognized the hand of God because these women sent to my house EXACTLY what was on my grocery list. 

My freezer is full.  My pantry is full.  My closets are full.  My wallet is full.  Can you say GOD IS ABLE!!!!!

By the time I finished crying and thanking the Lord, I was exhausted.  Jesus had fed my multitude!  I still shake when I remember this.  It was not long ago.  I share it with you because I never want to forget....    

When we whisper a pitiful prayer to Jesus and give thanks for what we have... He multiplies it.  He performs a miracle.      




He Is Such A Good Listener

It is fun to chat with a woman who has met a new guy.  The excitement in her voice is unforgetable as she describes him with great detail.  How tall he is.  How his skin looks.  What he was wearing and how deep and romantic his voice sounds.  She always mentions his smile and how she was sooooooo.... attracted to him because he listened to all she had to say.

I felt the same way about my husband when I met him 29 years ago.  He would listen as I shared all that was in my heart and all that was in my head.  I talked a lot.  After we dated, married, and began to dwell in the same home... my impressions shifted a bit.  It seems my talking was not as interesting to him and his listening skills were no longer impressive to me. 

I think many wives feel the same way.  I often hear women complain saying "My husband never listens to a thing I say". He just doesn't listen!  What do I do?

Psalm 116:1-2 says: I love the Lord because He has heard my voice and my supplications. Because He has inclinded His ear to me.  Therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live.  Isn't that great news! All I have to do is pray.  Talk to the Lord.  I can go into my room, shut the door, and pray to my Father who is in that place with me. (Matthew 6:6).  He sees me there and He listens. 

No longer do I need to burden my husband with every detail of my life.  No longer do I need to tell my husband every thing that is on my mind.  I can tell God.

He is such a good listener!

Tell your husband many things.  Tell your God everything!