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Blessings In The Pit- Notice What God is Doing

This may sound harsh but, I consider my present living conditions a pit. I live in a rental property and I am not happy about my living situation. I moved here three years ago and I know that God brought me here. Having made that clear now let me give you my testimony about this pit.

When we first arrived in this house we encountered plumbing problems. Then the kitchen cabinets wore out. We are without a few working shelves and drawers. The windows don’t open and close properly and several are missing screens. I could go on forever about the repair work that is needed here. The bottom line is I have spent the last 3 years despising the house, the neighborhood, and the circumstances surrounding how long we must remain here. I have spent a great deal of time complaining about this pit and whining about how long it will take God to move us from here to somewhere better.

Recently, I decided to stop complaining about my struggles and to focus on seeing God everywhere in them. I want to learn something new about Him in all that I experience. I started with my pit because this morning I was complaining…. again. I got in the shower (For those who have never heard me say this…God talks to me in the shower)…As the hot water beat on my tired body I began to pray. I asked God to move me to a better place but this time I also asked him to show me where he is in this situation. Like always, he answered.

He reminded me of Joseph. Joseph began his journey with the Lord from a pit. His pit was empty and had no water. (Gen 37:24). In the pit, Joseph was left and his brothers thought he would die there. But God had a plan to deliver him and use him. As I recalled the story I compared my current house and living conditions to Joseph’s “pit”. For me this house is empty and has no life giving water… (Even the water outside does not work)

If you know follow the story, you find God’s hand on Joseph until he got to the palace. While in the shower God showed me his hand on my life even in this pit.

A few things I noticed:

1. God taught me how to fight for my children using the weapon of His word. My middle daughter hates her bedroom. She complains of bad dreams and fears that someone is coming to “get her”. I posted psalm 91 over her bed. We pray it every night. We play the Bible on CD in her room at night and I spend many nights praying over her.

2. God showed me the importance of teaching my children to pray. They must be able to seek God for themselves. My son sleeps next door to his sister and often wants to protect her. I hung a framed prayer written by my father over his bed. It is entitled “Mother’s Teach Your Son’s To Pray” by Hailey Bernard Ellis. By age 3 he could pray openly and with great faith for our family.

3. God humbled me. Our house is very outdated. Many things are broken and need repair. I pointed out every one of them. I wanted my husband to feel guilty enough to hurry up and move us. Then the recession hit. I heard about families who lost homes. I knew several. They would be glad to live in mine. I was convicted and humbled.

4. God still blessed me.
I recognize some of my daughter’s spiritual gifts.
My children now turn to God when they are afraid.
I have been delivered from a huge bag of spiritual bondage.
I have been freed from some unhealthy friendships.
My husband has been freed from strongholds.
My husband has been freed from past hurts.
I can see my husband’s determination to have the best for us.
My children are flourishing in school and developing godly character.

5. God has shown me gratitude. My pit has 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a finished basement, and space for my children to play. The “Wives On Purpose Ministry” meets here each month, and I have even entertained 29 people for a sit down Christmas Eve dinner. All in this pit! Not so bad after all right?

6. God reminded me of that he is sovereign (above all else). If I continued to despise the place where I live then I am despising the God who brought me here.

7. God gave me another chance to worship Him. In the shower I began to give thanks and praise for all I had received in the pit. No harm had come to me. Major appliances were working. My family is closer because we have survived some hard times. We are all growing in Christ Jesus.

Today I can see clearly the blessings I received while in a pit and I am standing still to see the salvation of the Lord… Because I know that Joseph went from his pit to the palace…. Palace here I come!!!!

Are you in a pit of yoru own? 
Where have you seen God's hand?

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  1. Anonymous10/31/2009

    Wow Lisa!! I give God all the Glory for your testimony! My eyes are filled with joy tears and my heart us running over with joy strenghth!! Thanks for the candor and the wisdom we don't have it all together but bless Him that out Saviour does.


  2. Carrie @ comfortedbyGod.blogspot.com
    I stumbled upon your blog b/c we both follow a mutual blog (Selah). I truly admire your honesty and humility as you share about your marriage and life. I too rented a "pit" and despised every minute of it at the time. Your fresh perspective has given me lots to think about!