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This is where I begin my journey with you, Christian wives everywhere. As I seek the Lord for grace to share testimonies and words of encouragement about marriage, it is my hope that you will: be strengthened to live with your husbands in peace, be encouraged to live according to biblical principals
be grateful for the gift of marriage and...be open to sharing comments here with other wives

I never considered myself a writer, but I am following God as I write to and for you. I hope and pray your marriage will be blessed!

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When God Answers Your Prayers

As I live and pray and work for the Lord, I also struggle. I talk to God all day long about what he wants from me and what he wants to do through me. I ask him what’s next. I watch for him to show up all over the place and make every effort to welcome him into the most private places of my heart. I desire to live for Jesus but to successfully do so… I need prayer.

When I wake up in the morning to late to have devotions, I need prayer.
When I stay up all night with a sick child, I need prayer.
When I drift into the car ahead of me, I need prayer.
When my prayer partner goes on vacation and I think I cannot pray without her, I need prayer.
When I must treat an enemy like a friend, I need prayer.
When my house begins to literally fall down, I need prayer.
When I cannot utter my own prayer, I need prayer…..

Have you ever felt like this? I tell you this has been my life lately BUT…. when women pray God shows up! I have been the beneficiary of God’ presence because you have prayed….

In the last few days…

• God spent time with me at night because I was up late. He spoke when I read my Bible at 11:00 p.m. instead of 5:30 a.m.
• He healed my son of the fever, vomiting, and diarrhea in a few days instead of weeks.
• The car I drifted into was driven by a woman I know. Neither vehicle was damaged. She even asked if I was OK.
• While my prayer partner is on vacation and I have been able to pray for her trip, her family, and her blessings.
• God has made even my enemy bless me by sending a kind email
• He has also given me the promise of a new house
• A friend called just to let me know she was thinking of me
• Another friend sent an email that she had just finished praying for me

And just when I thought I was drained dry… I got on the Wives On Purpose conference call for marriage and those women prayed for my strength and renewal! God really does answer prayer. He has answered your prayers for me and I am grateful…

Our husbands need prayer too. What would happen in our marriages if we prayed for our husbands the same way? How often would we see God’s changing hand on their lives if we prayed for them every day? It sounds silly but we should try and remember our husbands in our daily prayers…The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing (1 Thess 5:17). We will see God answer…. Our husbands will be thankful just like me!



  1. Lisa,
    I have enjoyed listening to you over the years. I'm a witness that many heart breaking consequences do happen in marriage. I'm very thankful for all the guidance and conversation you have offered me over the years. I feel God has given you a gift. I'm very excited that you have chosen to share this gift with other people. I have enjoyed reading your blog and I'm sure other people will also.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you Lisa for your inspiration and your words.....they are powerful.